Mike Remaining Open

Andrew Mike

2014 Tucson (Ariz.) Sabino offensive tackle, Andrew Mike, currently holds eight scholarship offers.

2014 Tucson (Ariz.) Sabino offensive tackle, Andrew Mike, is enjoying the recruiting process thus far.

"It's going well," he tells FOX Sports NEXT. "I'm figuring out slowly, what's going to be the best fit for me in the long run."

Currently, the prospect reports scholarship offers from Arizona, Arizona State, BYU, California, Northern Arizona, Penn State, Utah, and Washington.

"I'm just neutral right now," he explains. "Everyone is standing out and I'm keeping it open."

Mike admits that growing up in Tucson, one of the schools on his offer list, was a childhood favorite.

"Arizona a little bit, because they're in my backyard," he shares. "I went to a couple games when I was younger."

As far as an ideal location goes, Mike has yet to decide whether he'd prefer to stay close to home for college, or venture further away. He has however decided on a few other factors that his dream school would possess.

"First off, good academics," Mike describes. "That way, if football doesn't work out in the long run, I can have a degree that will help me. A good athletic program is important, and weather would also be up there; sometimes I like it cold, but I also like cool California weather, that's real nice. Also, I want a coach that can help me grow on the field and that could help me get to the next level."

What does Mike bring to the gridiron?

"Definitely size and the ability to overpower, over-technique, and overwork any player on the field," he states.

The junior reports a 3.7 GPA.

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